Brigantine Beach Engagement | Bartley + Tessa

Planning and Couple Background Story

Bartley and Tessa met during the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic and up to this point have been dating for three years. Presently wanting to start a new phase in his life, he planned a surprise engagement at Brigantine Beach in Atlantic City. It was a beautiful day, with sunshine and a gentle ocean breeze. Little did Tessa know, Bartley had a surprise in store. Eventually, as the evening began, Bartley mentioned to Tessa that they should have dinner at Laguna Grill nearby. Then upon arriving, he deviated from the plans to the nearby beach. As they walked towards the beach, Bartley suggested they take a break. Tessa agreed and found a spot on the sand to drop their shoes. Bartley expressed to Tessa how much she meant to him, and how he couldn’t imagine his life without her. Tessa was touched, but she didn’t know what was coming next.

The Surprise Proposal at Brigantine Beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey

As Bartley got down on one knee, Tessa couldn’t believe what was happening. She watched in shock as Bartley opened a small box to reveal a stunning engagement ring. Tessa was speechless, tears of joy streaming down her face. Bartley looked up at Tessa with a huge smile and asked her to marry him. Without hesitation, Tessa said yes, and the two embraced each other tightly. After taking a few minutes to let the excitement sink in, Bartley and Tessa called their families to share the news. After that, they spent the rest of the day celebrating, taking long walks on the beach, and enjoying a romantic dinner. In conclusion, this surprise engagement at Brigantine Beach is a moment Bartley and Tessa will cherish forever. It was a beautiful day full of love and happiness, and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together. Congratulations, Bartley and Tessa!

man on his knee proposing to his girlfriend at brigantine beach
girlfriend surprised at proposal at brigantine beach


couple walking together holding hands at brigantine beach

couple looking at each other after proposal at brigantine beach

Gif of man lifting new fiance after surprise proposal at brigantine beach

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