Moonshine Modern Supper Club Wedding | Eddie + Loretta

Post-Pandemic Wedding at Moonshine Modern Supper Club in Millburn, New Jersey

Eddie and Loretta met during the peak of the pandemic and due to the circumstance, most of their days were spent together. Wanting to celebrate with a bigger group of friends and family, they planned their wedding when mandates were less strict for Covid. The venue, Moonshine Modern Supper Club, was a place they frequented prior to the wedding celebration. This couple loves a good time and being goofy together. Capturing them with their friends and family together was worth the wait.

Church: St. John Vianney // Park: Echo Lake Park // Venue: Moonshine Modern Supper Club

Moonshine Modern Supper Club is an American cuisine venue in Millburn, NJ. It is conveniently located on Main Street with 2 floors to accommodate guests. It’s also close to the South Mountain Reservation which is an excellent option for photographs if time is of the essence. The venue itself has great decorations and a decent-sized rooftop area for guests to hand out or smoke. The couple was given two seating areas, one on the first floor and another on the second floor. The first floor has a glass ceiling that allows the couple to see the dance floor from the second floor. A great way for the couple to see how the party is going down!

From a photography aspect, flash is required indoors! Being that the interior is dark light modifiers are necessary. Outside the venue is located on a main street so not much can be done except for quick photos of the couple inside their limo. The dance floor is spacious enough to accommodate a medium-sized party of ~100 guests. Guests mainly flocked around the beautiful bar and lounges. The owner was courteous, the staff members were super friendly and the food was amazing and well-presented. It’s no wonder the couple chose this location for their wedding. It’s definitely somewhere I would visit too on a non-workday.

Bride and groom at Echo Lake Park in Mountainside, New Jersey

Front of building of Moonshine Mondern Supper Club

Horse painting inside Moonshine Modern Supper Club

Owner of Moonshine Modern Supper Club, Victor Delapa with staff member

Dance floor inside Moonshine Modern Supper Club

Bride and Groom cutting wedding cake at Moonshine Modern Supper Club

Bride and Goom walking together holding hands at Echo Lake Park

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